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CIMS is a member of the first Equity Group, a group of companies specialising in the insurance, advisory and risk management sectors. Over the past 30 years we have built relationships with trusted providers to support risk management initiatives across multiple sectors, for private individuals and corporates alike. We have created bespoke solutions with these partners and have an intimate understanding of their capabilities. This network of professionals and select risk solutions are now available to you through CIMS where we pride ourselves in weaving together a solution that best fits your needs.

What is Critical Incident Management?

Critical Incident Management is the engagement and co-ordination of resources to better manage risk and reduce loss. We break up the phases of management into Readiness, Response and Recovery. Partners of CIMS have been hand selected due to their specialist knowledge and the leadership roles within their chosen sectors. Central to our core service is the Operations Centre, manned by professionals with security and medical backgrounds. The team become the architects of the solution, decreasing the impact of the incident to minimize loss of life, limb, reputation and assets. At the same time it transfers liability for decisions to a third party (us) to protect you legally. 


Our approach to developing strategic partnerships provides our clients with greater access to co-ordinated specialist resource that will not only provide peace of mind when operating in your chosen environment, but allow you to engage confidently with business opportunities in the emerging and frontier environments throughout the continent and indeed globally. CIMS and our selected partners focus on the adherence to international standards, imparting knowledge and transferring skills to build a business with a robust culture of risk mitigation.

Areas of Operation

GLOBAL ASSISTANCE: All of the services offered by CIMS are managed from our dedicated operations centre, which is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A single number will provide access to security, intelligence and medical assistance through our 24/7 emergency support system. A highly professional team of specialists, who have years of experience in providing security and crisis response planning, manages our operations centre.

In an emergency situation you will be guided through the initial emergency response focusing on life and property preservation. If a further solution is required CIMS can provide additional assistance ranging from on-the-ground security support to medical evacuations.

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