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Special Projects and Services Limited (SPS) Global

Established in 1991. SPS are a leading independent security and risk management consultancy. They specialise in delivering strategic and operational solutions to select clients on a global basis. 

Central to the multiple services they deliver is their world class Operations Centre, manned 24/7/365 by individuals who are experts in the field of remote incident management. They manage multiple resources simultaneously in order to determine the best possible outcome in the event of a medical and or security related incident. They have a global reach and are particularly strong in Africa where we are proud to work very closely with them across all industries.

Prometheus Medical Africa

Prometheus is a leading supplier of pre-hospital emergency medical equipment and high-quality medical training courses for a wide audience. Our specialist team has expertise in providing medical support under the most challenging circumstances and our in-depth knowledge, experience and credibility within both emergency medicine and the military environment means that we can offer our clients the best solution to their needs - from consultancy and strategic advice to the latest medical equipment and medical training. Whatever sector you belong to, or service you are looking for, our internationally respected medical consultants can provide you with cutting-edge advice, modelled to your exact requirements. We are committed to improving trauma care in Africa through our products and training; our goal is to save lives.
Core Services:
Equipment: Prometheus Medical provides the latest, state of the art pre-hospital medical equipment and supplies – to suit the most demanding of situations
Training: Specialists in providing bespoke medical training solutions designed to address specific issues related to location, organisations or individuals. All training is delivered in realistic training environments and scenarios
Medical Reachback: Our highly experienced team of specialist doctors provide personalised medical advice directly to medics and support teams working on critical cases, wherever you are, on demand
Medical Support: Offering remote medical support through deployed medical capability; highly experienced medics carefully selected to provide support in even the most hostile and remote locations
Consultancy: Internationally recognised expertise with a proven track record. Our consultants will help you assess, plan and managed routine medical risks or large scale emergencies

Bushveld Armed Response

Addressing crime in rural areas has made Bushveld Armed Response unique in the services they offer. Their slogan “Specialised rural security since 2009” underlines the importance of securing areas that are hard to reach and often neglected by others. 

Bushveld Armed Response has a unique strategy that set new standards in security. Their team of experts have a structured, military-like approach to conservation and employ tactics, skills and experience gained in different operation theatre such as Special Forces Units, SA Police Services (Koevoet) and Law Enforcement Agencies to help combat the serious shortfall of armed protection and response in these challenging environments.

Curo Risk

We have a long working relationship with Curo who offer a range of risk management, wildlife management and valuation services to the insurance, hospitality, wildlife and conservation industries as well as direct to private clients.

Africa SAFE-T 

Africa SAFE-T was established in 2006 and have worked on multiple projects with us. They pride themselves on understanding and adapting to the unique needs of their clients and have an intimate knowledge and situational awareness of the tourism and hospitality industry in Africa.

Savage Jooste & Adams

Since 1919, Savage Jooste & Adams has grown to be one of South Africa’s most established and respected law firms. Our clients have come to expect work of the highest quality (while remaining cost-effective), and they deliver on this expectation by obtaining the services of outstanding legal professionals.

Their broad range of services ensures that we can cater for all our clients’ needs throughout South Africa and abroad. These include Property Law and Conveyancing, Commercial Law, and all types of Litigation. SJA have proved themselves in the tourism sector time and again having handling some of the most complex legal matters over the past three decades.

Legally Armed

Legally Armed is a franchise business with the purpose of providing a one-stop service with regards to the administration of the Firearms Control Act. They make it simpler for the general public and entities to comply with the requirements of the Act and have assisted our clients in understanding and navigating these complexities.